My Favorite “4 PC Moments” by Priyanka Chopra.


Priyanka Chopra, the Indian “Superstar” who has been taken seriously by Hollywood, has signed another movie & “Quantico” will have another Season. “Alex Parrish” is established on home screens. Though “Baywatch” was unable to impress, her vicious “Vamp” Diva act hasn’t gone unnoticed. It has successfully escalated her career today. But the lady, who holds a superior “star-power” back home, didn’t have all of this served on a platter, did she? She is a hardworking (stubborn) “Cancerian” who has always followed her instincts when it came to fulfilling her passionate dreams. It might sound easy to many, but portraying a role based on a World famous T.V Series, standing amidst sultry “Lifeguards” is risky. Victoria Leeds was something PC did as though it was a task as easy as walking through a corridor. Her craft seemed Effortless yet oozing of what defines her on-screen persona. For me, she was the best thing ever to have happened in this otherwise “unconvincing” show.


I don’t think she is lacking in popularity in India for she has an enormous fan following with equal no. of fan clubs. She can still inspire directors to compose meaty roles; give her a classical, historical or just about anything to perform & she will be collecting Awards for it sooner. She has recently turned a Producer (Punjabi, Sikkimese & Marathi) with her movies gaining major regional attention, International accolades as well as National Awards. You think she’s stopping here? No ways!

What does is take, then, to be her? That’s something a fan, born on the same day as her can define pretty well. It’s called “Passion” for a “Passion” of a crab. She is the she-roe, like the familiar side of “Salman”, who remains single yet in demand from all corners of the world of entertainment. No clutches known as “Godfathers”, no camps & mentors and definitely no fears in crossing the 7 seas for work…….that’s how she functions. She wants to sing so she sings with rappers in English because she promised her dad the same.


Priyanka Chopra is a Star who is well versed in the nuances of acting and is standing tall amongst Deepika, Kangana, Alia, Anushka & Kareena, Sridevi, Kajol & Madhuri. She can inspire them while providing worthy competition. A wanderer, A conqueror, An Icon who has proudly acclaimed Beauty Pageants, National Awards, People’s Choice Awards on U.S television (for 2 consecutive years) while sweeping the Popular Trophies & Red Carpets internationally. This enchantress presented an Oscar Award and also has provided voice over for Planes (2012) & Jungle Book (2016).

“The Daddy’s girl” at heart turns 35 today and as her true fan I share my favorite “4 PC Moments” on Screen.



FASHION (2008)

The National Award winning role- “Meghana” remains my favorite till date. Her struggle to fulfill the ambitious journey of a Model from Chandigarh to Mumbai, the pain she undergoes while finding herself heartbroken over a married man and her eventual rise from the pit of failure was the highlight of this film. There’s a scene where she wakes up in bed with a strange man after a heavy dose of drugs & alcohol. The guilt & the awakening, the disgust over her plight and the innocent acceptance of her failure were portrayed beautifully by her in one frame. Her confidant walk on the Ramp after losing Shonali in the final scene set me in awe. It’s my ultimate choice for a re-run.



AITRAAZ (2004)

Based on “Disclosure”, this role seemed like an impossible task to reciprocate as “Demi Moore” had already immortalized the wicked act in Hollywood. It was difficult indeed to come on Screen in front of Indian audience in this role of a “lusty & vindictive” woman. It was also the beginning of her career but she took the gamble which paid off. Not in a single scene could you see “Sonia” altered on the theme. The scene where she seduces Akshay and chases him before declaring a threat of vengeance (after his rejection) showed a new comer in the Industry offering us mean “Sexuality”. She delivered a fiery performance which was good enough for the Industry to notice her raw talent.



BARFI (2012)

It was tailor made for Ranbir and a one man narration but “JHILMIL” conveyed her innocence and womanhood alongside. There’s a crucial scene where she wants to relieve herself.  Her genuine plight, the embarrassment & the relief that someone cares was depicted through a subtle demeanor. It moved me more than Barfi’s tale.




It must have been a tough decision to share the screen with the lead pair in a Historical but this movie was barren without “Kashibai”. Not for a single moment did she lose the prestigious glory of this brave woman. Her confrontation scene with Mastani, her anguish over witnessing her husband embracing another woman and the point where she hides her tears while watching her “Rao” die in the climax scene were few of the remarkable moments I carried home.

I wish her a very “HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH” with a genuine beam of pride as I await the latest challenge she chooses to accept at her home front. Missing you on screens PC!!!