Kajol/ShahRukh Khan: The 7th Wonder of Bollywood


The Queen & King of Hearts, The no. 1 “On-Screen” Jodi, The wondrous Pair which spells magic on celluloid is back this December with “Dilwaale”. Kajol is staging a come-back after Fanaa while SRK’s movies have endured B.O success conventionally. His recent releases Chennai Express & Happy New Year have been mediocre as far as their content and bearing on the fans is concerned. They were more of Entertainment flicks than Power-Packed packages which leave an everlasting impact. He worked with the biggest Stars [Katrina, Deepika, Anushka] but the audience were left craving for the Spectacle he once created with Kajol & Madhuri earlier.

The Charismatic Pair of Kajol/SRK is re-uniting after delivering My Name is Khan & will light the screens on fire with Dilwaale on 18th Dec. The Chemistry is reprived as we have witnessed in the “Gerua” song released last week. Both have maturely aged but look as fresh as ever together. The song brings back the nostalgia – The spell of “Suraj hua Madhham” seems to have a new Flavour. The Romance, The chill, The magnitude of their Chemistry is evident in this 4 min song. She wears “Orange” [Gerua means “Orange/Ochre/a bit like saffron] & he is draped in “Blues”; Egypt has been replaced with Iceland & VFX/Special effects; the wrecked plane, boat, waterfalls take your breaths away.

The feeling of being in love is synonymous with them. Raj & Simran are two names embedded in the minds of every film-lover and are like a Frontispiece preceding the title of every Young woman/man’s Favourite “Love story”. They administered their 1st appearance together in Baazigar” which was a Thriller. SRK took a risk by starring as an Anti-Hero & Kajol complemented him perfectly [After her debacle of a debut in Bekhudi]. They exhibited their individual talent impeccably without a hint that their Pair would go down in the “Bollywood Hall of Fame” as the “Numero Uno Couple”. It was followed by “Karan Arjun” which was a revenge saga based on re-incarnation; they had fewer scenes together but the song “Jaati hoon mein” was adequate to establish them as the most “sought-after” Duo.

The year 1995 is a landmark in the history of Indian Cinema. It is the Year of “DDLJ”The Biggest Blockbuster of the Century. Raj & Simran became household names. Their Gilt-edged Chemistry sizzled the screens & they were universally accepted as “The Golden Pair of Bollywood”. He was restless; she was firm: he was fearless; she was docile; his jocularity was matched with her intensity. The entire Des-Pardes was shaken & after 20 years the impact is intact. “Kuchch Kuchch Hota Hai”  gave us our own Archie & Betty; hearts bled to see them separate- rejoiced when they united. Kajol transformed from a “Tom-boy” to a Graceful “Chic”. [Salman & Rani failed to gather any sympathy this time]. In “K3G” he was Suave – she was loud & they became the most adorable son/daughter in law waiting to be brought back home. The chiffon clad Kajol & SRK in brown “leather” ensemble created the immortal scenery of Romance with the Pyramids of Egypt in backdrops.

“My name is Khan” was an intense Movie- an unusual tale of a single mother & a man suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. It was a delicate venture, yet it created a substantial effect in our hearts. Kajol proved to be a Dynamite in her Powerhouse performance which matched SRK’s subtle act. She appeared briefly in the song sequences of “Om shanti Om” “Kal ho na Ho” “Rabb ne Banna di Jodi” – the audience desperately waited for that 30 sec “Special appearance” with equal zeal.


We heard of tiffs between Ajay Devgan & SRK over professional differences off-late. Rohit Shetty managed to conceive a project with the two of them together in Dilwaale and its launch was a breather for fans. The pair has an infinite “repeat” value for certain. I am anticipating a plethora of Sparkles which only the Genuine “rawness” of these maestro’s can guarantee.

“Dil toh sabbke pass hota hai…lekin sabb Dilwaale nahin hotte”.

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