Anushka Sharma: The “Supporting Actress” Marvel all set for “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”.


Anushka Sharma is one of the finest actors we have today. She is undeniably the best when it comes to supporting the main lead cast in Hindi Movies today. In “Dil Dhadakne Do” she stood out in spite of an ensemble of cast which had Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh & Anil Kapoor as the main protagonists. Her character shined as a Strong, Independent & an Alive Woman who was perhaps the strongest character among the baggage.

1415695206anushka-virat-kiss virat-kohli-anushka-sharma-vogue

A constant target of cricket fans & media, who blamed her & flooded the social media with criticism over beau “Virat Kohli’s” poor game recently – she has stood tall; never once retaliating and not shying away from the camera while supporting him during his games or elsewhere. It’s tough indeed to be an Icon in your own field and yet to be treated as a mere Bean-Bag by the masses who want to sit on a big name and tear them apart over a slight “under expected” performance of a Cricket Star. In fact they both compliment each other as far as Achievements on sheer personal calibre is concerned. They are Teen-Icons indeed. They look in each other’s eyes easily when clicked socially. A beaming Anushka doesn’t shy away from calling him “He’s my very very good looking arm-candy!” From wearing identical clothes [Wimbledon] to blowing affectionate kisses in air for each other – Anushka & Virat represent True Love. [A bona fide supporter further in her own way off-screen.]

rab-ne-bana-di-jodi-stills1 rab-ne-bana-di-jodi-anushka-sharma-6-jn2W

Year 2008 – Anushka punched the clock [on screen] opposite the country’s biggest Star SRK. A little chubby but confident to the “T” she didn’t let it come across that it was the nation’s Biggest Production House [Yash Raj Films] trying desperately to re-launch themselves with the comfort of SRK’s presence. She shared equal space in the movie & arrived in the Elite club of performers with her genuine Talent. “Bindass” is the word attached with her Stature. In “Band Baja Baaraat” [with Ranveer Singh] she presented the new face of an independent “Bold” entrepreneur who is young & ambitious. It was a cake walk for her to fit in “Punjabi” roles. Her acting is Crisp; her confidence in front of the camera is transparent on screen. Her dialogue delivery is immaculate and she completes the Dramatic/Emotional scenes with precision. She is quiet fluent in her confrontation scenes especially and doesn’t seem bohemian while portraying these Bold/Brave/Modern Indian characters.


She earned a Film-Fare nomination for her very first film; starred in a Crime-Caper “Badmash Company” & swept the audiences which tagged her as the Latest “Bindass Babe of Band Baja Baarat” [she won her 2nd nomination for it]- Though her presence could not save “Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl” from crashing at the Box Office. Perhaps the overdose of Ranveer-Anushka pairing didn’t match with the script. In “Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola”  she emerged as a strong headed “Jaatni”- it’s definitely not easy to portray Vishal Bhardwaj’s lead roles as they have dark shades but “Bijli” was the soul of the script.

232806-anushka-sharma-in-jab-tak-hai-jaan IndiaTv0e6dd5_anushka-sharma-bombayNH10-Anushka-Sharma-Stills-Images

I loved her in Yash Chopra’s “Swan-Song” “Jab Takk Hai Jaan”. Akira was Spunky, Vivacious, Romantic: I fail to recall any remarkable moments from the Movie where Katrina Kaif excelled more than her. For a “Yash Chopra” admirer- the confrontation scene said it all where she stole the limelight from under Katrina’s shoes [and walked away with the FilmFare trophy finally]. Critics have often labelled her as “Stereo Type” – for being loud & loquacious on screen but I would blame it on her energy. It suits her personality & she held her role in “PK” with Aamir because of that. In fact she did tone down a bit in “NH10” and showed variety from moody to vulnerable to being violent & fearless. Recently, she was a delight to watch, as the Jazz singer in “Bombay Velvet” – a disaster of a movie but very few would have noticed how aesthetically she displayed the “fake” Eyelashes – “mascara laden” tears & perfect Lip-Sync co-ordination as a Jazz Star of the 60s.

From walking the Ramps to supporting the N.G.O “Our Girl Our Pride” campaign and Animal Rights on social media – Anushka Sharma commands respect in this Male-Dominated Industry. She defies the rules of being in good books of the big & influential by speaking out her opinions; be it praising her contemporaries or speaking about wage disparities; Poking her colleagues- she is active & visible in our minds off-screen as well. Undoubtedly one of “The best Dressed Actress” who casually strikes a chord with people of all generations “Anushka Sharma” is an under-exploited Star who deserves at least one author-backed role & a genuine executioner of the script today. Eagerly awaiting “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” which has gone on rolls. Aishwarya Rai/Anoushka Sharma – what a contrast! What a challenge! I am speculating another “Clean Sweep” from this “Smooth Operator”.


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