Katti Batti [2015]: A Fiasco

katti batti

Imran Khan [Maddy] gulps Phenyl accidentally as it was kept next to his beer bottle…. This is how the movie begins. 45 minutes later, the movie fails to convey the Story/Screenplay/Idea/ or the purpose of getting the country’s most sought-after star “Kangana Ranaut” paired up with the country’s most “Gauche”/wooden Actor “Imran Khan”. The actor is a failure on-screen and like most of the times we have witnessed off late, he is worse than having ‘Pinnochio’ portray the plight of a heart-broken lover.

Maddy meets Payal in college & they decide to live together. [but when? How? Why? We will never find out]. After 5 years Payal leaves him. Maddy is love-sick and misses Payal [but he is hamming most of the times]. He takes us to Payal in Flashbacks but it’s like watching a silent movie a la “Pushpak” in its most deteriorated form. We don’t see any bonding or intimate moments between the two; we are clueless about what exactly they share or shared. Why were they together? [5 years??] : You won’t fathom till the end credits roll in what led to Maddy falling hopelessly in Love with Payal. They don’t seem anywhere close to being emotionally/Romantically connected as they do not display any chemistry. He holds her as if his mother is stalking them with a hidden camera. She seduces him and he appears as if it’s the beginning of his “Juvenile years”. Where is love? What exactly is driving Maddy closer to self-destruction? As an Audience, till about the interval approaches, these are the questions pondering in our minds because we fail to receive a visual treat- love is an evergreen topic which drives us to the cinema-halls, am I right?

Kangana Ranaut is wasted in this movie. There is a “Devdas” scene where Maddy is Drunk and unconscious. His parents are about to reach the premises of his hostel room and his friends try to save him of the embarrassment. Payal pretends to be Paro and the sleepy Maddy is repaired to face the situation. Imran khan fails yet again and is hopeless as a ‘mannequin’- his friends carry him and he rises twice to speak a line & goes back to aberration. This horribly enacted scene is worse than a stage 2 kid-group theatre performance. And to make it even more miserable, the supporting cast [the Entire supporting cast in the movie] is below the “Nukkad” standards; there is no familiar face besides the lead pair and each one of them has nothing to do with acting. Imran does attempt to speak and act when he tries to retrieve Payals no. from her friend but her infant son performs better than him [he ends up smiling and crying convincingly]- Imran cannot even haphazardly appear panicky. We reach the interval and have no clue what the debate is about. We just know that everyone around Maddy hates Payal and are screaming and yelling at him for being her slave. His bond with his sister and friends appears equally artificial [He has a pet tortoise “Milkha” with whom he shares his tears].

And finally to our relief- the break up is revealed. He was watching a cricket match cheering for Tendulkar[?] to complete his century with his friends and Payal was pissed off. Then he happened to get angry with her [o god! He is trying to appear angry and his pout is repulsive coz he doesn’t look a bit different from his Devdas avatar] and they split. All this he is narrating to Foslas [a group of frustrated one-side lovers association – who sell tortoise food and sing Sufi songs and ride in trucks]. Payal is getting married to Ricky and they disrupt it in the most disgusting way. Payal slaps Maddy and…………….Payal has cancer. She is dying. All this drama was to make him learn to live without her. Bravo. What a brilliant script. [“Cancer” used to be the most widely adopted medium to kill the lead actor/actress in 1960s- please be innovative & progressive for once Mr Advani!]. Maddy decides to marry her and spend every moment together till the time she dies. And she does- [we don’t see any of her parents at all in the entire Drama] but I am still waiting for those 20 minutes where “Aamir Khan” supposedly cried the entire time and needed a towel to wipe his tears. This was the main reason [apart from “Kangana Ranaut”] which made me buy the first day first show tickets.

The movie has a bleak/shady story. Every character is sloppy & creates confusion besides delivering a coherent performance. It’s a dud by Nikhil Advani [who has failed to surprise us in the past] – his second in a row[in a single week]. A huge Disappointment as an ardent Kangana fan. Imran Khan badly needs his acting workshops rehearsals. Don’t waste your precious time & money over this “fiasco”.

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  1. Mamta · October 1, 2015

    Lovely 👍🏻


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