“Shaandaar” 2015 – The most awaited Wedding Extravaganza.


“Shaandaar” starring Alia Bhatt & Shahid Kapoor is slated for a Dusshera release this October. It is supposedly Bollywood’s maiden “Destination Wedding” Film. Shahid & Alia are the Crowning “TEEN” icons today who represent the modern contemporary youth of India. Both have tasted critical as well as popular success last year in the form of “Highway” & “Haider” respectively. They bagged the prestigious Filmfare award in the leading category and seem geared up for this “full on” entertainment Baggage; a slight deviation from the Intensity they presented us with last year. Alia pairs with her childhood crush Shahid for the first time and the Posters released so far present an electrified Chemistry between the Two. This “Hot off the press” pair has elevated the expectations of Bollywood aficionados. They have built the rapport with the future audience already [with their regular “insomniac” tweets] and are active in the promotion of this fanciful Bonanza based on the all-time favorite “sweltering” theme – “Shaandar Shaadi”. [They interestingly play Insomniacs in the movie.]


Alia Bhatt is a Sweetheart. Her chirpy, jaunty, adorable, slightly “legally blondish” personality [on screen of-course] has won the hearts of movie lovers with a mere offering of 4 releases. In “Student of The Year” [2012], she arrived as the replica of Kareena Kapoor’s Avatar in K3G. She amazed & stunned the critics/movie moguls with her astonishing performance in “Highway” & gathered acclaim for her portrayal of a girl who develops a Stockholm syndrome. Bagging the Filmfare award in the prestigious “Critics” category as “The best actor [female] in a leading role”- so early, is a rare achievement. One can say that she effortlessly immersed herself in the character of “Veera”. Her extremely “Raw” performance left every member of the audience emotionally invested in the role she played. “2 States” presented a complete transformation of Alia where she acted with finesse & it became easy to accept her as “Ananya”. Her transformation from a high school/college teenybopper to a mature IIM graduate was smooth & praiseworthy. She appeared convincingly “Headstrong” in the movie and contributed majorly in its success. Right from the beginning of her career she has been synonymous with the word “Dumb” with numerous jokes floating on social media affixed with her name. She has taken them in her stride and has never once retaliated. This young actress has the mettle of being a powerful Actor and I can easily put my money on her calibre. She is extremely photogenic and strikes a chord with young girls, thanks to her babyish/innocent charms. It helped her re-incarnate “Simran” of DDLJ in “Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya” where she surprised us with her Romantic “Carol” as a bonus. She has acting in her genes and has a bright career in the offing. Alia Bhatt is the main reason behind my excitement while awaiting the release of Shaandaar.

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Shahid broke the tab of being the “Most desirable bachelor” by finally getting “Hitched” this July; but his cuteness Quotient is consistent. It doesn’t prevent young girls from going bonkers over his charisma even today. He made his debut in 2003 with “Ishq Vishq” and after a series of unsuccessful/mediocre films; a jackpot named “Haider” and 12 years of a prosperous Journey in Bollywood- Shahid Kapoor is constantly ranked amongst the “50 Sexiest Asian Men” in the world since 2012. His mass appeal lies in his enamoring personality & his million dollar Smile. He is extremely popular amongst the children & is an idol figure for all those kids who want to pursue dancing- thanks to his seasoned expertise in the field of dance. He has delivered his own best in “Jab We Met” where he didn’t let Kareena’s boisterous Role overshadow him while he portrayed a young, troubled business-man with accuracy. He was outstanding in “Kaminey” in his double role [one with a lisp- the other with a stutter] before he shunned the critics & swept the audience with “Haider”. It was one of the finest performances delivered on screen in recent times and it would be unfair to deprive him of the appraisal. “Hamlet” happens to be Shakespeare’s Most “Complexed” character and Shahid Kapoor displayed the madness/intensity with perfection. He is labelled as “friendly, chirpy, affable, frat-boy type” whose boy next door persona is his own trademark & has kept him in this list forever now. After a regular appearance in “Jhalak Dikhlaja Re-loaded” this season, his prolonged “Bearded” look & “Gleaming with Happiness” face has won my heart once again.


Alia Bhatt & Shahid Kapoor………… can it get any better than this? They are Young, They are Mad, They are INSOMNIACS & They are ready to fall in Love.

We have seen and immortalized the “Barjatya” style “Wedding Extravaganza” with our repeated viewership; it’s time to re-visit the madness called “A Big fat Punjabi Wedding” in the name of “Shaandar”. Kudos to the most “Priced” theme of Bollywood. Hoping that the Father-Son duo [Pankaj & Shahid] are able to engage us in this promising Forthcoming offering by none other than “The Master of Showbiz” – “Karan Johar”.

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