Phantom [2015]: Positive & Negative Review.


1.Emotional Barometer is high :

The movie is like a mission, minus the glamour & glitter of a typical Hindi Film. Daniyal Khan [Saif Ali Khan] is an Army officer who has lost his honor due to a mishap at the borders & is living in anonymity. A Youngster [Zeeshan Ayub], along with his 2 colleagues at The Indian Intelligence Agency [RAW], sketches a plan of revenge against the perpetrators of The Terrorist Attacks [26/11] on Mumbai. Daniyal is recruited by the Director of RAW and is sent on a secret mission [known only to the 4] to kill the masterminds of the terror attack. Nawaz Mistry [Katrina Kaif] assists him in the execution of this rancorous operation.

The audiences tend to deviate from their own intelligence while Phantom assassinates our biggest enemies today.It’s the “chutzpah” of a true Indian which takes over as we ignore the technicalities and are rejoiced after witnessing Richard Hadlee, Sajid Mir & Haris Saeed [no need to guess the original counterpart] being eliminated.

It’s like watching every Indian’s biggest dream come alive on screen after the nation was shaken up in 2008. We get to see what we wish should have happened after that horrible day. Though this movie doesn’t satisfy the need to avenge the death of 166 Indians & reminds us how helpless the nation felt that day- yet it brings all sections of audience to one common point – to rise and clap when the mission is accomplished. In-spite of a sleazy screenplay, the movie has a balanced flow of storytelling where no scene seems out of continuity. There is no politics involved in the plot; there are no exaggerated jingles on nationality either. This movie merely depicts the plight of each and every soldier & citizen of India who wishes to be “The Phantom” for our mother land.


2.Realistic Accomplishment is Nill:

The movie is like salt on an old wound. It constantly reminds us of our helplessness & how we were mocked by our biggest enemy on/after 26/11. It disappoints us even further when Daniyal sinks in the depth of the ocean rather than returning back to his motherland Victorious and with Honor. It seems as if we are revisiting the day and shedding extra tears 7 years later. It doesn’t console and re-opens our wounds. The book by Hussain ZaidiMumbai Avengers” is perhaps a good piece to read but as a visual representation, Phantom has failed to match up with the Spirit of “Baby” or even “Agent Vinod”. Katrina & Saif’s characters are questionable as well. It seems easy for them to be on a killing spree, battling spray of bullets in Syria & Pakistan as if they were trained by none other than the MI6. Zeeshan’s “Jingoism” in the end on failed heroism seems useless.

By the end of the movie, we are left with a clutter of emotions within. Phantom or Bajrangi?


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