Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation 2015 [Review]

Mission_Impossible_Rogue_Nation_poster (1)

Ethan & his team are back to eradicate “The Syndicate” which is in turn on a mission to destroy “The IMF”.

The weakest story of the series so far- it doesn’t leave an impression on you as a deserving 5th instalment of the Mission Impossible series. The movie begins with the most awaited stunt of this year; Tom Cruise [Ethan Hunt] hanging from a plane in air but the thrill ends the moment it begins to arrest your attention. There are no bad guys showing off their skills even though they seem well equipped for their mission. Rebecca Ferguson is the saving grace as Ilsa, a femme fatale with a dubious motive, but her true identity is not clear till the end. We get a Car & Bike chase where the action is pulsating indeed but it fails to leave an everlasting impression as the one in Mission Impossible 2 did. Not a single moment witnessed like the previous instalments where we had Ethan hanging with a drop of sweat; the “Burj Khalifa” iconic action sequence or the “Kremlin” operation.


The underwater action sequence is gripping indeed though we wish there was more to it as once again Ilsa saves Ethan after his 3 minutes expire.

Tom cruise looks worn out. He is not funny this time and looks less charming [for the 10 minutes he dons a tuxedo]. Simon Pegg [Benji] & Jeremy Renner [William] are not supporting the way they participated as a team in “Ghost Protocoal”. Alec Baldwin as the CIA Director is impressive but fails to describe the modus-operandi of “The Syndicate” clearly to the viewers. The masks, the glasses, the key code breakers [typical Benji equipments] all seem like fillers. Rebecca Ferguson is impressive in her stunts and delivers the bike chase, the under-water action & the Opera shooting like a Bond Girl wouldn’t.

After 19 years, this one is a massive disappointment for both Tom Cruise & Ethan Hunt fans. The Cool “Theme Mission Impossible” score/tune which brings you on the edge every-time it plays in the background isn’t echoing in my mind this time.

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