Drishyam [2015]: Review


Drishyam, a remake of the Malayalam blockbuster of the same name, is based on a theme “How far can a man go to protect his family?” Ajay Devgan plays a simple, humble cable operator who has educated himself through movies. He lives with his wife & daughters in Goa; seemingly happy & content with his daily routine, until his daughter’s integrity is threatened by a Teenager. He happens to be the only son of the IG of Police [played by Tabu] who unleashes hell upon the family, after he goes missing.

The murder is revealed in the beginning and the plot is clearly unalike the usual “whodunit”. We witness the extra-ordinary struggle of a man to conceal a dark secret; a 4th class graduate who creates a perfect alibi for his family. He cleverly prepares them to bear the ordeals of police investigation & says “Ek hi saboot hai hamaare khilaaf- hamaara darr.” The screenplay is inspired by the Novel “The Devotion of Suspect-X”– the Japanese blockbuster thriller, written by Keigo Higashino. It’s the Police Force v/s him, where the IG gives her best shot to trap him on the basis of Intuition.

Ajay Devgan is expressionless & bland in portraying the simpleton who has the calculating mind of a Genius. The revelation of his Mastermind fails to engage the audience as he seems dull & ready to break into action [perhaps the hangover of his recent “Action-Jackson” image plays]. He fails to provide a clear insight into the protagonist’s intellectual mind as well. Tabu, as the Tough Cop, is Impressive & her entry is refreshing [which is sadly short-lived]. She is shown displaying misuse of power more than her natural-born talent as a performer on screen [for which she needs no introduction]. She doesn’t fit the plot as a Villain either. Even though she is ordering the policemen to inflict torture upon the family, her motherly emotions are underplayed. Shreya saran fails to impress in her supporting role.

The thrilling plot and the captivating climax are the saviours of this Movie. Not a praiseworthy adaptation of the “phenomenon” that swept the readers all over the Globe. Its Malayalam,Tamil & Telugu versions [ Mohanlal, Kamal Hassan & Venkatesh playing the lead roles respectively] have already been released.

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