The Devotion of Suspect X- The best Thriller of this decade.


The Devotion of Suspect X is a Thriller [Fiction] written by Keigo Higashino. He is one of the most popular Authors in Japan who is also called “The Japanese Stieg Larsson”. The book breaks the usual pattern of “whodunit” and provides the readers with a mission to unravel  an Execution of a “Perfect Murder”.

When Yasuko Hanaoka’s ex-husband shows up in her apartment to extort money, she ends up killing him along with her daughter. The mathematician, Tetsuya Ishigami lives next door and is the sole witness. He disposes the body and assists them in creating a perfect alibi. He is secretly in love with his neighbour and helps her in planning the cover up step by step. Kusanagi [the detective] calls in Dr. Manabu Yukawa, a physicist & former friend of Ishigami, for assistance. Yukawa is acquainted with the mathematician’s skills & holds him in Esteem.  When he finally uncovers the plan, he is awestruck with his friend’s ingenuity. “He’s quite capable of commuting an atrocity, provided that it’s the most logical course of action.”– He says. His motto “Logical thinking will get us through this”– guides him in out-maneuvering Ishigami.

The murder occurs initially & we have no mystery surrounding the crime. The author subtly instigates the reader to question “What motivates a human being to judge who is worthy of living or not?” Having minimum of drama, it exposes the simple culture of Japan as well. A barren life of a mathematician receives a Silver Lining when he falls in love with his neighbor. “How far would you go to protect someone you love?”– is an expression we can relate to after reading this book. The mathematician designs a perfect crime & the physicist [nicknamed Dr. Galileo] solves it.

The translation in English is simple. The Third book in Dr. galileo series- this book was adapted into a movie by the same name & was hugely successful. The copyrights have been secured by film-makers in Bollywood & Hollywood. [“Drishyam”, starring Ajay Devgan & Tabu has a similar plot of creating a perfect alibi. Sujoy Ghosh is attempting a remake with Saif Ali Khan and Kangana – as reported recently.]

The book leaves the readers with a thought “What is more difficult- To solve a perfect crime or to plan one?”

Truly like “A riddle” inside an enigma, this book is a page turner. It is undoubtedly the Best Thriller I have read in recent times.


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