8 Most Entertaining English Movies in 2015 till July.


1. Mad Max: fury road

George Miller’s post- Apocalyptic franchise is back on the roads after 30 years. This Invigorating, Futuristic action movie is set in a desert where humanity is broken. The narrative has been handed over to Furiosa [Charlize Theron] this time instead of Mad Max, the Maverick Macho. She has kidnapped the breeders of the raving ruler, The Immortal Joe, to take them to safety. She encounters Mad Max[Tom Hardy], a silent warrior carrying the ghosts from his past. She is on a vehicular, violent journey to her homeland amidst mayhem. A visionary film [the director has taken a bold step by giving a dominant role to a woman in this latest edition- drawing praises from feminists & critics]. Charlize is remarkable as Furiosa; with an amputated arm, a spearing stare & a clenched jaw she delivers what many would fail to achieve with pages full of dialogues.

maxresdefault (1)

2. Home:

Story of “The Boovs”, who find Earth as their new address. They relocate humans on other parts of the globe & inhabit their homes. “Oh” [Jim Parsons] is the Adorable, Liberated “boov” who wants to throw a party in his newly acquired abode. Tip [Rihanna] hates boovs, who have separated her from her mother [Jennifer Lopez]. The two begin a journey to locate her, bonding over music & dance. The mother-daughter re unite & “Oh” finally gets a chance to have his much awaited party. This tale of unusual friendship between a teenager & an alien is funny, peppy & adorable; with Hummable songs by the pop icon Rihanna.


3. Focus:

This romantic comedy is a story of an elegant Con Man [Will Smith] who teaches an Inexperienced Amateur [Margot Robbie] to be a Femme Fatale in the trade. He is a seasoned master who falters from the trick of the trade of not falling in love. Together they cheat a rich man but he abruptly breaks off to avoid losing focus on his trade, leaving her heart-broken. They re-unite after three years & re-kindle their bond to perform a scam worth millions. Charismatic, Charming & Cool with his eternal boyish charms, Will Smith shows perfect comic timing with the stunning, sexy Australian actress.


4. Spy:

This action comedy stars Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham & Jude Law in a female Spy-comic version of James Bond. The undisputed Queen of comedy plays a CIA agent who graduates from desk to being a field agent. Statham surprises his fans with his crazy performance; a deviation from his otherwise strict- only for Action image. McCarthy provides abundance of belly laughter in her unique stunt as a Spy. Jude Law lends the romantic angle to this Unsung, Hilarious Heroine, who attains her goals minus the guns & gadgets.


5. Furious 7:

The 7th installment of the incredible “Fast & the Furious” series, stars Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodrigues & Paul Walker [in his final performance]. This high voltage, thrilling movie- with over the top stunts, makes it worthy as one of the top Franchise in Hollywood. The “AIR DROP” stunt, with the cars being dropped from a plane above a desert; the jumping off a bus on a cliff sequence [a scene executed without special effects] & the “MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY CAR CHASE” are Exceptional. The film has a combination of computer generated special effects & chosen camera angels, using Paul Walker’s brother to stimulate his appearance.


6. Jurassic World:

The much awaited 4th installment of the “Jurassic Park” series has arrived after 14 yrs. Jurassic World hosts the cloned Dinosaurs & is a tourist destination. The park’s administrator [Bryce Dallas Howard] is entrusted with the care of her nephews. The park’s owner [Irffan Khan] is alarmed when the genetically modified “INDOMINUS REX” escapes to be on a killing spree. The park’s trainee [Chris Pratt] has developed a bond with the “VELOCIRAPTORS” & together they battle the villain. Eventually, the Veteran “T-REX” overpowers the “I-REX” after a colossal damage has been done. The large scale action [especially the scenes where the visitors are attacked by the dinosaur species from the sky, plucking them off the ground] & the Visual, Sound effects make this trip as exciting as ever.


7. Avengers: the age of ultron

An Ensemble of Superheroes Iron man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawk Eye, War Machine & new addition “Quick Silver & Scarlet Witch”– the twins. They must come together to fight the enemy. “Ultron” is a mechanical AI, bent on human extinction which creates differences among the Superheroes. Their personalities are refined further in this sequel to “Avengers” with eye popping action- full of fireworks. We witness romantic interaction between Hulk & Black Widow as well as a peep into their humane side. The classically sculptured climax scene where the camera takes a 360 degree turn on them is thrilling. It’s a Marvelous piece by Marvel.


8. Jupiter Ascending:

A space opera starring Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum & Eddie Redmayne is the story of Jupiter Jones [Mila Kunis], an ordinary cleaner, who has an Exceptional Inheritance from space. A genetically engineered soldier [Channing Tatum] arrives on earth to safeguard her. For a change, a female-centric sci-fi; [though ridiculed by critics for its dumb story] it found huge female fan following, with women calling it “The movie is OUR garbage”. Adorned with Amazing special effects which present the story beautifully, it brings the “Teen Idols” Kunis &Tatum together for the first time on screen.


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