Bajrangi Bhaijaan [2015]: An ardent Salman Khan fan’s review.


An incredibly “Emotional” Movie, minus “typical” Salman Khan “Flavour” of flashy dialogues/bulky action/catchy songs and timely dose of masala. Pawan[Bajrangi Bhaijaan] is a simple/humble/god fearing man with no ambitions, for whom the only way to live his life is with honesty. Munni[Harshaali Malhotra] is separated from her mother on a journey back home after they arrive in our country . She meets Pawan and they form a transparent bond. The movie tends to get boring when we are deprived of the extravagance attached with Salman’s movies. But after a while we absorb the wonderful connection between Munni & Pawan and flow with the theme. The Indo-Pak motif is not stretched either with political conflicts & irrelevant Outcry’s. People across the border are shown as compassionate humans; soldiers in uniform- who wish for peace and humanity to prevail in their nation when opposed with their neighbors. For a change, it appears as men on both sides are united for a cause. Munni is mute but wins our hearts. She conveys her plight & her unique relation with Pawan, simply with her facial expressions/cherubic smile & curious eyes. Our hearts melt every time the camera is focussed on her face. Nawazuddin Siddique arrives as a conscious journalist in quest of a big story, providing a timely “comic” relief in his unique/ “aberrant” style. He volunteers to join Bajrangi Bhaijaan [as he calls him] in his cause. Towards the climax, throats choke and tears roll, as Pawan remains his simple self; instead of transforming into a super hero, and refuses to deceive in order to achieve his goal. He re-unites munni with her family and the neighbouring nation comes together to send him back safe after crossing the border. But not before he raises munni in his arms after she gains her speech in a struggle to shout in despair, after separating from her “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, to call him “MaMa”.

A touching film. It is a rare movie done by Salman, which leaves us in tears every time the same appear in his eyes. He doesn’t wear his favorite “blue gem bracelet” and has a mauli wrapped around his wrist; he appears mellowed down. He has managed to look innocent in the scenes where he faces dilemma over his beliefs. He is definitely a Victor as a subdued/honest/composed man; a diversion from the swagger, which is the cause of the “Mass Hysteria” when we spell his name.

Kareena Kapoor Khan appears as his love interest. Rasika is an intelligent/secular/strong woman who motivates Pawan to shed his secular inhibitions.

Instead of preaching an issue, this film sticks to the theme without any discussions and dialogues on secularism. [It doesn’t provide a solution as well]. Devoid of Glamour & Glitter, this movie can be missed but a Salman Khan fan will not be disappointed to see this softer “Avatar”, which is a true reflection of the actor’s bonding with the children off screen.

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