Suraj Pancholi/Athiya Shetty: New kids on the Block


“Hero” is releasing this September marking the debut of star kids Suraj Pancholi & Athiya Shetty.  Remake of the cult-classic “Hero”[1984], it is produced by Salman Khan & directed by Nikhil Advani.


Son of veteran actress Zarina Wahab & Actor Aditya Pancholi, Suraj Pancholi has been in news recently for all wrong reasons. His girlfriend, Jia Khan, committed suicide and he was under the scan by the investigating agencies. Despite the hardships & under the protective wings of his mentor Salman, he sailed through the trauma. He has undergone extensive training in all departments, including Dance [Salman is reported to have participated in his dance rehearsals] & martial arts. He arrives on screen with a confidence & dedication to prove the virtue of his lineage. He bears a striking resemblance to both his parents & carries the humility of being a raw newcomer who wants no special treatment.

I am looking forward to see him stand next to the dashing Aditya Pancholi in the Movie. Aditya is notorious for his temper issues. Apart from being one of the most Handsome/well-dressed star in the 90’s, Aditya has an aggressive style with a powerful voice. Sharing screen with his father in his debut movie will be challenging for him. Zarina has acted in over 75 hindi & regional films as well as television serials. She is known for her simple/timid/middle class roles. This striking contrast in his parent’s personalities is bound to raise expectations from him.


Athiya Shetty, born to parents Sunil Shetty & Mana Shetty [who have had a fairy-tale of a marriage in Bollywood] is bursting with teen confidence. After acquiring a professional degree in film making, she is all set to make her childhood dream come true. She inherits years of cinema & business experience from her father. Mana comes from a family of renowned architects & has individually carved a niche for herself as a socialite/designer/entrepreneur. Athiya has received a stable & a secure upbringing which has nourished her as a “wanna-be Star”. With the sparkle of stardom in her eyes, she arrives on screen as “Radha” of Hero.


Both are fortunate enough to be launched in the remake which has a tremendous recall value even today. With their privileged backgrounds & the backing of Salman Khan, Suraj and Athiya are looking crisp & charged to prove their metal. The teaser released yesterday speaks volumes of their hard work & potential. Cheers to virgin talent.

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  1. Preeti singh · July 16, 2015

    Hero !! 1984 n 2015 …. Dont think will have any comparisons . Subhash Ghai did it and Nikhil Advani will do it ….
    Saw the first look in posters and also released trailor ; seem both are very promising .Now its all about “wait n watch”
    “Pyaar karney waley kabhi dartey nahi , jo dartey hain wo pyaar kartey nahi “

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