4 Proofs of Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor’s Bromance.


Ever since Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor shared screen in “Gundey”, their Bromance has been discussed and written about by all and sundry in media. Their sizzling on-screen chemistry & astonishing off-screen camaraderie is visible for all to see. Every time they appear together, they deliver an ample dose of entertainment. Whether it’s the despicable “AIB- Roast”, “Coffee with Karan”, ”IIFA Awards” or any other Bollywood Gathering, their mutual bond & companionship strengthens them as the favourite “Duo”.


The AIB Roast

They carved a niche for themselves as the “Mad boys on the block” after being a part of the AIB Roast, where they were constantly grilled by a selected panel of comedians & film critics in the presence of around 4000 people from the industry. They were the Roasts with Karan Johar acting as the Host. With their respective girlfriends Deepika Padukone & Sonakshi Sinha seated in the front row applauding, the show was a riot. With digs like Aditi Mittal saying “Deepika is dating Ranveer Singh as we all know. It is great. Thank you for keeping him off the streets.” &  Abish Mathew taunting Arjun “You have been dating Sonakshi Sinha so congratulations there, but those are all rumours, that is not true as you know that you are not supposed to touch carbs.” – various jokes were cracked on their movies, personal lives & acting skills which they took sportingly. Hilarious yet extremely dark, the show was immediately taken off YouTube due to the controversies that erupted for its abusive & vulgar content; FIR’s being lodged against the three. Defying the age old statement of “Friendship is fickle” they shut the rumours of their friendship being a promotional strategy for Gundey and welcomed the scorch by Aamir Khan/Sanjay Leela Bhansali & other noted Film personalities. They did not disown the show and till date take a dig at each other over its mishaps.

25selfie6 Arjun-Kapoor-and-Ranveer-Singh-have-no-Endorsement-deals ranveerarjunmoochgayiranveer-arjun

Flaunting their friendship on social media.

From promoting each other’s films on Twitter & referring the other as “Baba” to posting their collection of photographs from memorable moments shared together, their natural magnetism is revealed to all. A look at their snaps together proves that their mutual fondness is real. They don’t hesitate in criticising each other as well. Ranveer posted a picture of Arjun with the caption “Bucharest ka Badshah” & Arjun reciprocated by sharing his, captioned “Romania ka Raja”. They don’t break their hugs in front of the camera further declaring that their friendship isn’t averse to the Paparazzi’s. With an amount of sugar & spice & everything nice, their pictures and selfie’s bring a smile.


Coffee with Karan.

The Baba duo appeared on Karan Johar’s show and were titled “The Mayors of Brozone”. An epic episode; their esprit de corps made the entire episode emerge as one giant canvas of truthful moments played out by rejuvenating honesty. Their “Uber cool” swagger was eminent. They were busy creating a laugh riot oblivious to Karan Johar being present. Ranveer at his naughty best, introduced his best pal in an adorable manner & the both hit the couch with ravishing madness. From winning the jackpot & cracking the Bollywood quiz, singing songs, imitating Anil Kapoor to delivering exclusive punches at each other, these two managed to get the host tongue tied.


The IIFA Awards 2015.

They rocked the show this year. They hosted it with their incredibly whacky & entertaining style. They were cracking jokes at each other once again, receiving compliments from the film fraternity. After Shahrukh Khan/Saif & Boman/Riteish their exhilarating comic endeavours & spoofs kept the audience as well as Tv viewers glued. They made a grand entry on stage with a pun on “Karan Arjun” & went on to sing “Humein maaf karna o aamir khan, hum kabhi na leinge Reema Lagoo aur Farida Jalal ka naam” drilling on Aamir Khan’s criticism for AIB. Breaking into impromptu jigs & flirting with Deepika Padukone, their power packed hosting debut was a showstopper at the jam packed Putra Stadium.

They remind us of our very own goofiest friends whom we have loved over the years. Their combined awesomeness can make any other person jealous. Let’s raise a toast to their BROMANCE.

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