10 Best Songs of George Michael.

GeorgeMichaelFaithAlbumcover gmicha-ladies_05

George Michael, known for his pop/soul music in 80’s & 90’s, remained a heartthrob of music lovers, every teenage girl’s ideal “Inamorato” for almost a decade.

“Careless Whispers”, a 1984 single from “Wham Make it Big” is his maiden solo single. Its lyrics & video showed the guilt of a man after cheating on his partner with an affair. The song gained no.1 position in almost 25 countries. The saxophone solo in the song has made it an emblem for pain endured in love and it is one of the top “Pop songs of all times”. It was followed by “Last Christmas” sung by the Wham duo [ George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley]. A song of heartbreaks & heartaches which immortalized the tag line “But the very next day, you gave it away..”. These two songs went viral across the globe & became the anthems of those stuck by cupid. “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” is an energetic single which initiated the vogue for colorful t-shirts with logo’s meant for youth. It labelled him as a true Pop star who could swing away to glory.

“I Want Your Sex”, from his first solo album “Faith”, has three separate parts. It was released in 1987 & was banned by radio stations for its sexually suggestive lyrics; its video being one of the most controversial one’s ever aired. “Faith” from the same album made him the favorite poster-boy with his tight jeans, black leather jacket, shades, guitar & a sexy stubble haunting women of all ages. “Father Figure” [1988] is till date one of the best videos aired on MTV, where he featured as a cab driver, romancing a fashion model played by Tania Coleridge.

  “Freedom 90” presented his personal elevation as a solo singer after he left the group “Wham”. He did not appear in the video though; having supermodels Naomi Campbell & Cindy Crawford[and other 8 reigning stars of modelling] lip syncing the lyrics. “I Knew You Were Waiting” with Aretha Franklin[for which he shared a Grammy for best R&B performance] & “If I Told You That” with the late Whitney Houston, are two rare musical compositions where he shared his vocals with a female artist. He replaced the legendary Michael Jackson in the latter.

“Jesus To A Child” [1994] is a song he dedicated to his late lover Anselmo Feleppa, which he beautifully composed in Brazilian style.

His other Albums are: “Listen Without Prejudice”[1990], “Older [1996], “Songs From the Last Century” [1999], “Ladies & Gentlemen: The best of George Michael” [1998],”Patience” [2004].

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  1. Sonu shergill · June 14, 2015

    Just looove George Michael.

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