Dr. Hannibal Lecter- one of the greatest fictional characters till date.

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Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a fictional character from a series of novels by Thomas Harris who has featured in The Silence of the Lambs [1991], Hannibal [2001] & Red Dragon [2002]. Though Brian Cox featured in the first adaptation “Manhunter [1986]” based on Red Dragon, it is Anthony Hopkins who has immortalized the character. He won an Oscar for the Best Actor category in “The silence of the Lambs”, which is one of the 3 movies in the history to accomplish the feat of winning major 5 Academy Awards. NBC has aired a T.V series “Hannibal” based on him.

He is a sociopath (Varied reasons for his psyche) yet he is intelligent, charismatic, physically fit, smooth & sophisticated with his words. He has a passion & a classy flavour for Art/Music/Literature and History. He loves food and cooks exclusive gourmets from his victim’s bodies. He is a master of languages. He despises rude/ill-mannered people and they become his easiest victims.

Anthony Hopkins describes him as: “He’s still the sort of Robin hood of killers. He kills the- what do they call them? The terminally rude.”

He has a romantic yet dark affection for Clarice Starling whom he finds as a lonely woman amidst corruption. He attempts to heal her battled soul while providing her clues to solve the series of murders. The “Quid pro quo” scene in the movie predicts their instinctive proximity where he provides a clue in exchange for his queries about her past. She plays in his mind as he resumes his activities in Florence, Italy in the sequel after his escape from the clutches of FBI. Lecter attends an opera adapted from Dante’s sonnets and meets detective Pazzi & his wife. She asks him “Do you believe a man could become so obsessed by a woman after a single encounter?” To which he replies “ Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for her and find nourishment in the very sight of her? I think so but would she see through the bars of his plight and ache for him?”

His stable piercing eyes feed us with a copious dose of terror throughout. His troubled childhood provides reasoning for his demented acts as a unique murderer.  Dr. Hannibal the Cannibal is undoubtedly a captor despite his deeds and identity. He has been named one of the 100 Greatest Characters of the last 20 years in June 2010 by The Entertainment Weekly. Delightful to watch, Captivating to read.

10 Best Songs of George Michael.

GeorgeMichaelFaithAlbumcover gmicha-ladies_05

George Michael, known for his pop/soul music in 80’s & 90’s, remained a heartthrob of music lovers, every teenage girl’s ideal “Inamorato” for almost a decade.

“Careless Whispers”, a 1984 single from “Wham Make it Big” is his maiden solo single. Its lyrics & video showed the guilt of a man after cheating on his partner with an affair. The song gained no.1 position in almost 25 countries. The saxophone solo in the song has made it an emblem for pain endured in love and it is one of the top “Pop songs of all times”. It was followed by “Last Christmas” sung by the Wham duo [ George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley]. A song of heartbreaks & heartaches which immortalized the tag line “But the very next day, you gave it away..”. These two songs went viral across the globe & became the anthems of those stuck by cupid. “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” is an energetic single which initiated the vogue for colorful t-shirts with logo’s meant for youth. It labelled him as a true Pop star who could swing away to glory.

“I Want Your Sex”, from his first solo album “Faith”, has three separate parts. It was released in 1987 & was banned by radio stations for its sexually suggestive lyrics; its video being one of the most controversial one’s ever aired. “Faith” from the same album made him the favorite poster-boy with his tight jeans, black leather jacket, shades, guitar & a sexy stubble haunting women of all ages. “Father Figure” [1988] is till date one of the best videos aired on MTV, where he featured as a cab driver, romancing a fashion model played by Tania Coleridge.

  “Freedom 90” presented his personal elevation as a solo singer after he left the group “Wham”. He did not appear in the video though; having supermodels Naomi Campbell & Cindy Crawford[and other 8 reigning stars of modelling] lip syncing the lyrics. “I Knew You Were Waiting” with Aretha Franklin[for which he shared a Grammy for best R&B performance] & “If I Told You That” with the late Whitney Houston, are two rare musical compositions where he shared his vocals with a female artist. He replaced the legendary Michael Jackson in the latter.

“Jesus To A Child” [1994] is a song he dedicated to his late lover Anselmo Feleppa, which he beautifully composed in Brazilian style.

His other Albums are: “Listen Without Prejudice”[1990], “Older [1996], “Songs From the Last Century” [1999], “Ladies & Gentlemen: The best of George Michael” [1998],”Patience” [2004].

Women’s Equality or Safety first?

hqdefaultMy-Choice-Deepika-Padukone-Whats-In-a-Name-Creatives Patricia Arquette demanded wage equality in USA and we have Farhan Akhtar debating on women’s rights in “Dil Dhadakne Do”. Deepika Padukone, along with 99 women from varying walks of life, came together to feature in “My Choice” video presented by Vogue which received more of flak from our nation’s social masterminds, than a genuine applause. Amidst this staccato of opinions, a 41 year old homemaker like me, witnesses such furors on national & international media, and ends up asking herself, ” When to begin.. From where?”. ” Equal Rights or Safety first?”. I have yet to come across one genuine gentleman who provides domestic or social respect to a simple or an extraordinary women. I feel safe though,as i am blessed to have a father, a brother, a husband & a son who are protective in their own ways but i am distraught to admit that their reason to act so has boundaries. Their bravery is visible only for a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother. Close friends & relatives are secondary as well. I attend social gatherings and come across various scenarios where a woman’s safety is at risk. Certain young, naive, vulnerable women are struggling to fit in their roles of a companion/partners to strong yet fragile men, who fall prey to over consumption of alcohol and deviate from their sense of responsibility. My husband or my brother will not initiate to alert a man from over-drinking when he has to return home with his companion driving a vehicle or by a cab which can jeopardize any woman’s welfare, for a simple reason that the concerned woman is not his wife or his sister or daughter. It’s a closed circle as that woman is left on her own without her own father or brother. That is the agony of being a woman today. Apart from award winning speeches & celebrity outcries on woman’s rights, being a woman, what will i achieve with a grant of equality when i have to struggle & fight to reach home safe? Demanding a New Age with a revolution brought forth by ” Right to chose” & ” Right to think & act separate from social norms”….. Is my own daughter physically & mentally strong enough to enter her safety zone after her partner has abandoned her for liquor at past midnight? I don’t want Equality, instead i beg each & every woman to a start a chain to break this circle, which defines our duties when it comes to supporting women. To teach their sons to help all as their mind and physique permits to. To consider all women alike & vulnerable to inappropriate circumstances. It might take a million mothers to produce a 100 such men who take lesser than an instinct to alert a friend, colleague or a relative when they are out of their respective sense of responsibility, who might be compassionate & kind enough to arrange for that very helpless woman to reach her home safe. But i must add, these men will surely not be granted an authority to allot any certificate of approval to any woman which begins with ” You can..”. They will earn a respect in turn for being a true gentleman, A man who doesn’t grant equality. A man who holds his woman’s hand to walk along with her. I await their arrival. I pray that my own son…………….is one of them.